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Ernharth Group provides comprehensive wealth management. We champion a thoughtful approach to investing; one that leverages strategic thinking, historical perspective and a realistic global outlook, rather than the herd mentality dictating conventional investing practice.

Our clients include professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals.

If you have questions about your financial future, take advantage of our thinking. Schedule a meeting or conference call with one of our principals, and build confidence in your financial future. Start by completing the form on our contact page to the right. We’ll be in touch with you promptly.


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Stephan Ernharth, our lead strategist, shares his views in our economic commentary series. Take a look!


You may quickly and easily view your net worth and the total rate of return for your investments and your total portfolio.


How can we help you? Don’t hesitate to call or fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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