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February- May 2012

Do you think Americans are educated as they should be about the financial system?

What if the Greeks say no to the austerity measures?

Does it matter who gets elected in 2012 for President?

How do you see the situation in Europe unfolding?

How much is it going to take to bail out the global financial system?

Is the US government insolvent?

Is the world banking system insolvent?

What are the consequences of youth unemployment?

What are your thoughts on Social Security?

What do you mean about a large transfer of wealth about to take place?

What do you mean by the great re-calibration in the American standard of living?


January 2012

What is inflation?

How did we get here?

What should investors do in this environment?

What is the real inflation rate?

What is it going to take to resolve the current financial crisis?

What is the ultimate reality for the world regarding the global financial crisis?

What about the financial crisis in the United States?

What is it going to take to straighten out Europe?


1.1-What’s the biggest concern you have on behalf of your clients?

1.2-Do you think the average American is fully aware of how countries including America act regarding to inflation?

1.3-How are you addressing inflationary issues with your clients regarding their investment portfolio?

1.4-What are your thoughts on the current debt ceiling debates in Congress?

1.5-How do you think the european debt crisis will be resolved?

1.6-Voltaire the famous French philosopher once said… all paper money returns to it intrinsic value. What did he mean?

1.7-What is Fiat Currency?

2.1-You’ve made the observation that countries have cycles like generations and families. Can you expand on that?

2.2-Can you give us your obesrvation on the phases of bull markets?

2.3-Your recent commentary posted on is titled Reality. Tell us about that title.

2.4-What is your view of the very low interest rates in the United States along with the U.S. bond market?

2.5-In an inflationary environment… what happens to the largest savers?

2.6-What do you think of the Federal Reserve Bank as stewards of the United States dollar and what did we do in the U.S. before the Fed was created?

2.7-Some have called social security a ponzi scheme what’s your opinion on that and where does social security really stand?