Building Confidence

We have developed a unique process to become intimate with our clients’ financial reality. We begin by having folks reflect upon the following:

When I think about my investments…

  • I am confident I’m making smart decisions about my money.
  • The constant negative news about the economy does not bother me.
  • I can easily view my net worth and the total rate of return of my investments.
  • I have confidence I am capturing the unique investment opportunities the economy and markets present.
  • I’m confident that a simple questionnaire alone is sufficient for helping me construct competent investment strategies.
  • I’m comfortable with the common buy-and-hold approach to investing that seems to suggest, “don’t worry about the economy or markets no matter what.”
  • It does not concern me that many of the largest investment banks and money managers were so misinformed about the true nature of the economy that they were blind-sided with hundreds of $ billions of losses (so far) amid the unfolding credit crisis.
  • Should I be concerned that even some money market managers have lost $ billions in this environment?

What About the Future?

  • Am I confident I’m making smart decisions about my money?
  • Am I convinced that I am maximizing the opportunities that will help me
    achieve those objectives that I hold dear?
  • Am I certain I‘m protected from those dangers that could prevent me from
    reaching my important financial mileposts on time?
  • Am I able to confidently quantify how well my current financial strategy is helping me achieve any of the above?

Perhaps you’re perfectly confident with your existing investments, advisors and investment strategy. But if you’re one of the many people who lack this confidence, we can help you build it.

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